Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Alamo' Wristwatch.

Created by our designer Mark the Alamo watch was named after the famous Battle of the Alamo in 1836. During this battle, the Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna laid siege on roughly 200 Texan soldiers, amongst them Davy Crockett.

Though all Texan soldiers were killed at the battle - they showed tremendous courage throughout the siege. This watch is a tribute to their courage.

The Details Of The Watch.

The casing, made from stainless steel and covered in a gold IPG coating has a diameter of 38 mm. The face diameter is 33 mm and the bezel width is approximately 2.5 mm. The movement is manual, with a lifespan of roughly 20 hours after setting it. It is an analog display which adds finesse to it's authentic look.

Thus, every morning you will get in touch with this magnificent watch once more, to set the correct time - just like the soldiers in the Alamo did. The material of the dial window is crystal mineral glass. This crystal provides you with rugged durability with protection from scratch and impact. In short, you can be assured that this watch is an extremely durable watch.

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