Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Amazon' Wristwatch.

Inspired by stories of the Inca's, residing in the Andes and the amazon rainforest, the Amazon wristwatch pays tribute to the look of Lost Incan Gold. Legend tells us that there might still be a secret cave in the mountains of Ecuador where an exorbitant treasure of Incan gold was stored to prevent the Spanish conquistador Fransisco Pizarro from obtaining this treasure.

The watch has a rich and opulant look combining various tones of gold and shades of brown leather. It draws it's inspiration from both the amazon forest and lost Incan treasure.

The Details Of The Watch.

The 40 mm gold IPG coated casing has a 35 mm face diameter with a bezel of 2.5 mm in width. With an analog display and manual mechanism you will be able to enjoy it for roughly 20 hours before setting the correct time again.

As with many of our wristwatch for men, the manual winding is experienced by many men as something enjoyable because it allows them to build a stronger relationship with their new legendary tool. The dial window was made from cyrstal mineral glass that will be hard to break and keeps scratches and imperfections away.

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