Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Behind The Aviator Wristwatch.

Think Howard Hughes. Think pilots. Think men who go out and dare to explore. We wanted to create a watch that has a subtle reference towards pilots in the older days yet still manages to oozes style and sophistication through it's colors and design.

Suddenly, we had our new watch: The Aviator. A skeleton watch with a dark brown aviator shaped leather cuff that was tailored to perfection.

The Details Of The Watch.

The 40 mm stainless steel casing holds a 35 mm skeleton face. As you can see, the casing itself is ribbed, similar to other models such as the Red Dragon. This watch is perfect in size and has a nice silver coating giving it that extra 'spark'. The watch face itself is protected by scratch proof crystal mineral glass.

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

Similar to other models like Viper, The Aviator has an aviator shaped leather cuff handcrafted by one of our designers. It's dark chocolate color adds gives it a more refined and tasteful look while hinting towards pilots back in the day. Made from Italian leather, this single push button deployment clasp has a width of 42 mm.

The Aviator Is A Wristwatch That Oozes Taste And Compliments Many Styles.

If you are looking for a versatile watch that helps you make your mark on the world -look no further. The Aviator is not too flashy and, in our opinion, manages to create a fine balance between style and ruggedness. Because of it's softer colors we believe that this watch is perfect for many guys who are looking for a nice (leather) accessory or watch that simply adds a subtle hint of taste and style.

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