Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Comanche' Wristwatch.

This leather watch for men was named after the notorious Native American tribe, the Comanche. They gained a reputation for their skills in hunting, battle, and trade. As a rite of passage, young Comanche boys would be sent off to kill a buffalo - if the boy succeeded his family would reward him with a feast. 

The Comanche leather wristwatch is a watch for the fierce who want a versatile leather accessory to go with many looks and styles.

The Details Of The Watch.

The stainless steel clockwork of this leather watch was entirely coated in gold (IPG). The casing diameter is 38 mm and has a face diameter of 33 mm with a 2.5 mm bezel. It has a semi-skeleton dial and is analog in nature. There is a mixture between roman numerals and arabic numerals within the dial which add taste to this somewhat more classic watch. The mechanism requires manual winding and has approximately 20 hours of spinning time.

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

This copper colored leather cuff is made from fine Italian leather. As with all watches, it was handmade, and handstitched by one of our designers. There are 4 gold colored nails attached to the leather band, and the clasp is a single push button deployment clasp made from stainless steel.

Aesthetics Of The Watch.

This watch is a favorite amongst many because it's a very versatile, sturdy, yet tasteful leather accessory for men. The combination between the gold and the copper colored leather band creates an almost mesmerizing effect for everyone within the vicinity of the man who wears it.

It has a somewhat classic appearance due to the usage of color and the clockwork itself. The combination of the roman and arabic numerals, and the skeleton watch itself seem to create this. In our experience, this watch frequently receives compliments from strangers.

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