Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Country' Wristwatch.

When you think of the country side you probably feel free, adventurous, and relaxed. This watch was made with that image in mind - it serves as leather accessory for adventurous men with spirit and strength. The rugged look and wide leather cuff combined with the thicker stainless steel casing exude this philosophy.

Country is a rugged wristwatch for men who love adventure and are looking for a leather accessory that is not only bold in design but also extremely robust.

The Details Of The Watch.

Made from anvil grey stainless steel, the casing is 38 mm in diameters. The face of the watch is approximately 33 mm and the thickness of the bezel is 4 mm. The watch is analog in nature and will require manual winding once every day. Scratch proof mineral crystal glass protects a skeleton dial that pops out in this bold design.

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

The leather cuff is shaped like a belt buckle and was finished with twelve nails, adding robustness to the watch in both functionality and design. The brown handcrafted cow-hide leather is slightly thicker than found in some of our other watches, which give it that sturdy and robust feeling. The cuff has a single push down deployment clasp made from thick stainless steel coated with rusty gold.

Aesthetics Of The Watch.

This watch is rugged, sturdy, and very masculine. The combination between the leather belt shaped cuff made from cow-hide and the thicker, charcoal grey stainless steel casing is unlike anything you will find.

It will be the perfect companion for men who travel frequently to explore new regions in the world. It will be a watch that will start many conversations and one you can truly rely on due to it's sturdy and robust design.

The thicker casing has several sharp cut shapes which give the watch an even stronger appearance. Within the casing you will find a centralized skeleton dial with gold coating and textured bridges. The outer ring is a solid one in nature, with golden roman numerals that create a powerful contrast with the pitch black ring itself. The hands are dauphine in nature.

As said before, the leather cuff is quite special. With a leather belt inspired design this watch is for the modern cowboys amongst you who want that robust and masculine accessory that will allow them to push further and explore the world.

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