Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Behind The Red Desert Skeleton Watch.

Red Desert lends it's name after the endless red deserts found in the most extreme parts of the earth. It is a silver skeleton watch with a striking red, aviator shaped, leather cuff. The combination between the skeleton watch and red leather make this watch one that easily stands out from many of the boring watches you find nowadays in most stores.

The Details Of The Skeleton Watch.

This skeleton watch has an octagon shaped stainless steel casing with a 40mm diameter and a 35mm face diameter. The movement and dial is protected by crystal mineral glass and the watch requires manual winding. It is this touch of authenticity in the form of a mechanical watch that most of our customers have learned to treasure and love. 

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

The leather cuff, handmade by one of our designers, is shaped in an aviator style, similar to other watches. The red makes the skeleton watch itself truly pop out and it just adds a very nice touch to the overall style of the person wearing it. The leather cuff is 42mm in diameter and has a single push button deployment clasp.

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