Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Sergeant' Wristwatch.

Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning? Sergeant is a military inspired handmade watch that will be one of your most badass accessories for years to come. In the military the warrior mentality ensures that soldiers establish powerful habits and iron discipline which will help them accomplish many missions.

Sergeant is a watch that will remind you everyday of the victories that are hidden behind hard work. It's a military accessory that is one of the most badass and masculine accessories you will ever find.

The Details Of The Watch.

Like most of our techno watches, this military watch has a larger casing than most. The diameter of the stainless steel charcoal colored casing is 46 mm with a 40 mm face diameter and a 4 mm bezel width. The glass is made from mineral glass and will keep your watch safe at all times. 

The clockwork of this watch is quite special with a multi-functional LED display: timing function, date display, alarm function, and chronograph. In addition, there is also an analog display for time with luminescent hands and the movement in itself is based on Japanese Quartz.

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

The leather cuff made from natural cow-hide was handcrafted and put to the test to ensure it will survive in during the worst of conditions. With 28 stainless steel nails and a mixture between rugged black leather and strong military green leather it's a cuff worth fighting for. The width of the leather band is 70 mm.

Aesthetics Of The Watch.

Sergeant is simply a very badass and powerful leather accessory. The military watch will add edge to any style and the colors go well with looks in darker tones like black, brown, and various shades of green. The charcoal stainless steel casing and many functions of the watch truly make it a one of a kind. The luminescent movements of the hands will be a nice surprise when you are out on a mission at night.

Sergeant Is The Perfect Handmade Watch For Men Who Want An Badass, Military Accessory.

Powerful. Edgy. Militaristic. Sergeant has it all. This military watch will be a watch that will blow your mind and remind you of the role discipline and accomplishment should serve in your life. With i's multi-functional dial and luminescent hands the watch is truly, one of a kind.

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