Posted on January 22 2017

The Story Of The 'Submarine' Wristwatch.

Submarine is one of our four techno watches currently available at Chronodos. Made by our designer Sergey he aimed to create a masculine accessory for men who are into techno watches (or simply looking for that jaw-dropping leather watch). The name Submarine is derived from the fact that the design of this watch has a somewhat nautic and industrial look.

Submarine is one of our most popular watches and for good reason - it is an incredibly powerful and detailed leather watch.

The Details Of The Watch.

The watch is not for the faint of heart with a stainless steel casing that has a 68 mm diameter. The multi-dial facing has a diameter of approximately 55 mm with smaller dials ranging from 20 mm to 30 mm in diameter. The bezel has a width of 6 mm. The watchface comes with three dials and functionalities: (1) an analog time display with baton movements, (2) a compass, and (3) a minimalist clock. The movement is Japanese Quartz.

You will have three push buttons you can use to set each of the dial functionalities. Overall we don't believe you will find much more detail in a watch with this incredibly rugged and masculine look.

The Details Of The Leather Cuff.

The leather cuff is 78 mm in width and made from special cow-hide resulting in a thicker, more powerful look and feel. The cuff has 16 stainless steel nails attached to it. The entire watch, but especially the leather cuff simply ooze craftsmanship and the look is extremely unique. The leather band has a double pushdown deployment clasp ensuring a tight and proper fit regardless of your wristsize

Aesthetics Of The Watch.

Sergey enjoys perfecting his leather watches and ensuring they are of the highest quality you can possible imagine. The entire watch has a very rugged, somewhat industrial look that will complement the bearer in many ways. The details you will find in this watch are absolutely incredible and due to it's weight and genuine cow-hide cuff it will simply make you feel masculine.

In fact, one of our customers, who rated this watch 5/5 said:

"Amazing design aside, when I wear my watch it simply makes me feel more like a man. Wearing it makes me feel powerful which in turn gives me more strength to pursue my dreams. The detail of the clockwork is outstanding and the rugged finish of the leather makes it one of kind."

Jason White, United States

Submarine is a techno watch you simply can't go wrong with. The black leather and the stainless steel casing and details make this an incredibly powerful addition to your arsenal of victorious tools. It's a leather watch you will enjoy for many years to come.

A Special Techno Watch You Will Love For Many Years To Come.

Looking for a techno watch that has that masculine touch yet somewhat industrial look? This is your best investment for the year - we promise. It's currently one of our best selling models and we receive emails every week from customers who absolutely love it. 

It is an extremely detailed and rugged leather watch for men who prefer to wear a watch that grounds them and strengthens their entire style. Submarine is truly, a must have.

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